NutriRice Horse Feed

The NutriRice horse feed range is a premium quality, nutritionally balanced, steam extruded, complete feed. NutriRice is largely based on rice and rice bran, and is fortified with only the highest quality ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

NutriRice is the most modern approach to feeding horses, based on a system which takes into account the variable needs of your horses. Each NutriRice product has been formulated and nutritionally balanced to suit activity level, age, life-stage, stamina and energy requirements of the horses for which it has been prepared.

Importantly, NutriRice is based on rice, the most digestible of all grains. Rice contains a better amino acid balance than most other grains, to support muscle development and maintenance, together with unique polyunsaturated oils for healthy skin and glowing coat. The high digestibility of this grain means that rice-based feeds are exceptionally cool and safe for your horse.

Rice is also digested early in the horses system, so the risk of problems caused by hind gut fermentation - excitability, friskiness, tying up, colic or lactic acidosis, is significantly reduced.

Source of nutrition for horses, providing them with an extremely safe and highly digestible energy from oil and fermentable fibre, and is an excellent source of high quality protein. Rice bran oil also comes with the additional benefits of naturally occurring and powerful antioxidants, a high percentage of essential fatty acids and the naturally occurring anabolic, gamma oryzanol.

By changing the balance between rice, rice bran and supplements, each of the NutriRice products is designed specifically to optimise your horse's appearance, performance and general well-being.


Why rice and rice bran?



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The in vitro digestibility’s for a range of grains assayed using the method of Bird et al.(1999). Extruded rice ranks as the most digestible grain in vitro, followed closely by extruded corn and steam rolled triticale (McGilchrist unpublished).



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*NutriRice and CopRice are balanced feeds that are designed to be fed in conjunction with roughage such as hay, chaff and pasture. Suggested feeding rates are intended as a guide only. The type of feed and quantity individual horses require will depend on the quality of your pasture/hay, stage of training, intensity of exercise, body condition and metabolism of your horse.



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Energy on an as formulated and as fed basis