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CopRice is committed to supply world class feeds for consistently superior results.

From pellets to loose blends, our feed solutions are tailored to your needs and specifically developed by our team of expert nutritionists to provide balanced, consistent and digestible rations for your livestock animals.

COPRICE PELLETS – Cereal grains and legumes are ground to a uniform particle size to improve digestibility. These small particles are uniformly combined with other feed additives, including protein meals, processed grain products, vitamins, minerals, buffers and feed medications. The mixture is then steam-treated to further improve digestibility and extruded through a pellet die. Finally, the pellets are cut to the required length and cooled to produce a hard, durable and dust-free ration.

INTRODUCING COPRICE FLEXIBLENDS – To meet increasing customer demand for improved on-farm results of stockfeed products and bespoke feed solutions, CopRice is now offering a new range of tailored blends. Each blend is prepared by our nutritional advisors to match the specific energy-protein-fibre-vitamin-mineral requirements of your livestock based on what’s in your paddock, silo or hayshed. Each blend is then balanced using a concentrate pellet, including CopRice VitaMinBuf concentrate pellets, to deliver the essential vitamins, minerals, salts, rumen buffer and other nutrients, for optimal livestock health and performance. CopRice FlexiBlends rations can be prepared for all stages of livestock production and pasture conditions, including lambing ewes, ewe maintenance, green pastures, dry pastures and intensive feeding.

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